European Solidarity Corps















Zo Associazione culturale holds a valid accreditation as host organisation for the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), a project authorised by the European Commission and part of the EU Erasmus+ program. Click here for more information about the Erasmus+ program.
Click here to see the database of volunteering opportunities.


How will young people benefit from it?

The European Solidarity Corps is the perfect match for young people who want to take social action, develop their skills and enhance their employability. It also enables them to connect with like-minded people and feel rewarded for making a difference.

After their activity, participants receive a certificate that documents their participation. This could be used when applying for jobs or further learning.

Participants’ travel and accommodation costs will be covered for the duration of the activity and some spending is provided for additional personal expenses. Relevant training will be given before the activity starts and after arrival on site.


You want to participate in the ESC program in Zo?

– Join the corps here, you need that registration number.
– Please send a motivational letter and your Europass to before October 1st 2018.

Make sure you are registered at a sending organisation! If you haven’t found one yet, click here for an overview of organisations.


Looking forward to meeting you!