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ZŌ centro culture contemporanee

The Italian Ministry of Culture (Ministero dei Beni e Attività Culturali) validates Zō centro culture contemporanee as the only Organism of multidisciplinary planning (Organismo di programmazione multisciplinare) in Italia Art

A cultural Association: a team that embraces the purpose of supporting and spreading a multidisciplinary approach on contemporary performing arts.

A space for planning and giving birth to artistic projects in the fields of music, theatre, performing arts, electronic arts, visual arts and writing, a place for communication, expressive research and a tight and proficuouos exchange between the arts and new technologies.


Fundamental steps


The Italian Ministry of Culture (Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali) accredits Zō Centro Culture Contemporanee as the only “Multidisciplinary planning body” in Italia Art (Mibac art. 39).


Capitalising its fifteen years of experience, Zō Centro Culture Contemporanee wins the public tender announced by the municipality of Catania for the allocation of venues scoring the highest score. The project gets renewed thanks to the contribution of a solid network of local and international partners.


Zō Centro Culture Contemporanee launches its cultural activities in a peculiar location: a former sulfur refinery, part of a set of redeveloped industrial buildings called “Le Ciminiere” dating back to the last century. The property, open since October 31th 2001, is regulated by current legislation concerning historically relevant industrial sites. Originally designed for processing sulfur fumes coming from the hinterland mines, the industrial complex was the engine of Catania and its local economy. The building, first converted into a gym by the municipality of Catania, has been then transformed into a cultural center upon decision of architect Nigel Allen, who developed the idea of giving birth to a multidisciplinary centre of contemporary arts while interweaving a productive dialogue with its location past memories, by restoring the sulfur sublimation chamber and the adjoining spaces in a versatile and modular way which grafts new experiences on ancient traces.


The project gradually takes its shape: the idea of an interdisciplinary dialogue between different performing arts in culturally relevant locations, which through the years will then develop into a unique cultural enterprise, recognised at European level and of undeniable public interest, thanks to the commitment of founding members Sergio Zinna, Felicita Platania and Ivano Mistretta. Zō Centro Culture Contemporanee is born.


Piazzale Rocco Chinnici, 6
95129 – Catania
T. +39 095 8168912
— from Monday to Friday
from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


GNC Press web
T. +39 095 317725


Info Box Office
+39 095 8168912
— from Monday to Friday
from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.



Restaurant reservation
+39 3925448183


Underground station
— Giovanni XXIII

Bus stop
— Stazione Centrale

Train station
— Stazione Catania Centrale

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